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An Inside Look

Lyfe is a female Entrepreneur / Hip-Hop Rapper / Producer / Content Creator who was
born and raised in Harlem New York. She has always had a love for music and has
been influenced by music in her community since the age of 9. Throughout her career
she has created a pilferer of Platforms for other independent artists to develop their
skills within the music industry. Lyfe has also owned a record label with 4 top 100
charting productions including her 2 singles off her album "The Winner" in the early
2000s. She continues to make her mark in the history books as a 2-time L.G.B.T. award
winner and 3-time nominee. Lyfe who was referred to as Infinite has released 3
mixtapes that has flourished on the major mixtape platforms such as "Dat Piff",
"Spinrilla", and "Coast 2 Coast". She hopes to influence music culture on a larger scale
uniting artists and strengthening the music community. After taking a break from music
to heal from all of the trials and tribulations of her life, she is back in full force. Lyfe
Released her new single “Get It “on all streaming platforms. She has a positive
message to deliver to the culture of music. She is a motivational content creator and
continues to transform her career in music from 1 level to the next. She has Headlined
various events with epic performances that could be seen on all social media platforms.
She is also a huge fan of the video game “Call of Duty” and loves to stream her
gameplay on YouTube.

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